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No fully working version of kitkat on the Raspberry Pi.

General infoEdit

There are no working kitkat versions.

IRC Channel: #razdroid at

Forum thread: A video showing the first Android 4.0 build: Android 4.0

A video showing the first usable, but slow build of Android 2.3 (CM7.2): Android 2.3

Want to compile yourself? Take a look at this page: CM7_Compilation

As for the compilation of the kernel, look here: Kernel_Compilation

A video showing a graphics accelerated version of Android 4.0 : Broadcom Demo

Source and download for the driver : Broadcom Driver

Current statusEdit

There is STILL no current status as of 2/16. Best read the next line ...

CyanogenMOD 9 (based on Android 4.0): Boots, unusable

  • Framebuffer issues: possibly due to the lack of double buffering and/or page flipping in the bcm2708 framebuffer driver
  • Proper libEGL library not present: libraries *are* available, but those are linked against glibc instead of android's bionic libc (issue filed here)
  • UI Crashes

CyanogenMOD 7.2 (based on Android 2.3): Boots, very slow, barely usable.(unstable)

  • Same problem with the hardware acceleration libraries.

Official Android 4.0.3 video drivers (not actual Android - built by Broadcom): Boots, very fast with hardware acceleration, lacks AudioFlinger support.

Ice Cream Sandwich (based on aosp):

  • Deffenet possibility. See here

Jellybean (based on aosp):

  • Dream on.


  • Considering the compatibility with 512mb ram, this could be a possibility.


Recommended image:

There is no recommended image since Android is dysfunctional on the Raspberry Pi's

Others ....

CyanogenMOD 7.2 This image needs an SD card of at least 2GB. Extract and image to your SD card just like the Debian image (using dd) or Win32DiskImager (WORKS ONLY ON [OLD] RASPBERRY MOD. A - see here second-last comment)(Works on my RASPBERRY PI B very fine !)

Other images:
CyanogenMOD 7.2 Same instructions apply casso

CyanogenMOD 7.2 (with Ethernet Menu) Same instructions apply

Note: You may want to change hdmi_group and hdmi_mode in config.txt & Help


CyanogenMOD 9 not working


Broadcom Driver The driver needed to run android fast smooth and simple.


The following screenshots do not represent a working Android port to the RPi. Please be aware.

Installing on Raspberry Pi Model A / B rev. 2 (256 - 512MB)

  • Flash the Android image on your SD card
  • Eject and re-insert your SD card
  • Mount the FAT partition of your SD card on your PC (if you're using Windows, this may be done automatically)
  • Download the updated bootcode.bin, start.elf and fixup.dat files from here
  • Copy them (overwriting the old ones) on the RPi rev2
  • Eject your SD card, and enjoy! :)

Sorry for my English, but I'm Italian. If you like my small guide, please follow me on Twitter at . Thanks :)

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